Miracle of Brawn GP & Jenson Button

Although I was a fan of Ferrari. Can not. I must congratulate GP Brawn and Jenson Button (one of my favorite drivers) who have won the Formula 1 this season.
Brawn Grand Prix – as a newcomer to the stage has proved that F1 is not impossible in this world. With great talent of the drivers: Jenson Button & Rubens Barrichello, plus the genius of former Principal Director of Ferrari who had a role in the success Schummi. They have been transformed, not just a black horse team, but a Competitive Team; Performance Cars and their drivers during this extraordinary season, not one that eventually they can become champions beat the ferrari, McLaren and red bull, and very decent if ultimately Jenson Button could become World Champion. Great!
Once again I congratulate.
Acts Brawn GP & Jenson Button this season, I’m sure will be a story and inspiration for many people in the future. For me, the story of Brawn GP & Jenson Button is a miracle that came not only because of fate, but determined struggle. With the basic belief that basically … success is the same rights as every person, who would fight.

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