Online Community Based Learning & Digital Marketing

The best way to build an online community based learning is to combine the concept of e-learning with digital marketing

Today I think about how to build an online community with basic service providers a unique and specific knowledge. People call it community based learning, this work is very great friend, why? because with the help of the Internet, in the era of the digital world, we will get a niche market that match your interests and has the potential for an incredible value.

Here, we are not talking about a collection of people without a purpose, but how the company pass on a passion and knowledge they have in a digital experience. We’re talking about an effective way of communicating, we are creating an ideal environment of brand and customer relationships, we’re talking about extracting ideas that can be generated from the conversations that occur between companies or service providers with their customers. We are creating new relationships to educate our target market more effectively and personal.

In this digital era, the ability of companies to explore possibilities and opportunities are a real success. It felt, particularly in Indonesia today, yet there are companies that focus to move towards this. In fact, building an intelligent community that is served in a positive and creative digital environment is a personal approach that compelling, intense, and has a measurable long-term value.

If we see, almost all large companies abroad to do this. Real example that works is dell with a rich online community idea: Companies that build a community of its own brand, they approach their customers with a different approach: harnessing the power of the internet, build a platform, making the learning design, develop content, and actively interact with customers so as to create an experience that is personal. And do not forget, when an online community based learning is integrated with social media strategy, it will create word of mouth is incredible. And when we create an environment that is integrated with sales strategy, we can calculate how much sales conversions that occur through the development of this community. Well as I read in a new wave marketing concept Hermawan Kartajaya, the present era has shifted: from segmentation to “Komunitisasi”:).

How to do it?

The best way you build an online community based learning is to combine the concept of e-learning with digital marketing, the key to successful implementation of this program is to what extent our knowledge of the new wave of marketing, e-learning and development strategy of your company in the digital age. Budget is not no.1, the most important is how to frame our knowledge with creativity and run it with full commitment.

Let’s implementation and Good luck …

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