More than Marketing, dude…

Digital Marketers must build a business ecosystem that is suitable for every product.

There are two keys to success of a company; Marketing and Innovation. This is not my opinion but opinions of business experts. Peter Drucker Said “Business has only two function; marketing and Innovation”

In the fast-paced digital age like this, we can find there are many innovators who have a lot of products or services that are very cool. In Indonesia today, we find there are a lot of digital innovation in various fields. There are many star-up that grew and flourished. However, product or service that they have mostly not be successful or wither before it can develop in the market. Why and why? because they do not pay attention to the first aspect in a business that is most important is the ability to read the market, develop marketing strategies and marketing tactics. Most of them only can create, give birth, without being able to make their products grow. Why? due to a weak knowledge and skills in the field of marketing. In particular I emphasize, they do not have a marketer who understands technology. They do not have a marketer who understands the condition of the digital market. They do not have a digital marketer.

Marketer turned into a business development
Okay, you already know that the role of marketing in an innovation, especially if your products are digital products, it is very important to maintain and develop the continuity of the product that you produce.

Is that enough? No, in the end, the marketers themselves who need to know where the movement towards the product or service is developed. The invention will only be a waste if it is not a solution. The role of marketers who need to know the direction where the product is developed, the products really acceptable – a solution for customers.

Is that enough? not, especially if your product is digital or marketed products digitally. Marketers must understand how to build a business model in accordance with product innovation is developed.Digital Marketers must build a business ecosystem that is suitable for every product. Each product has its own uniqueness, who developed a business ecosystem must be able to be accepted by the market. In the digital era, the marketers will eventually turn into a business development. If your company does not have the type of marketer like that, anything as good as you develop product innovation will only be a product most of which ended with the tragic.

So, we’re talking about something big here. This is more than just marketing, dude …


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